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Thread: Thermaltake Big Water Help.

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    Hey Guys! i'm modding a computer at the moment and i bought a thermaltake watercooler and my motherboard isnt compatible with the clips from the pack and i was wondering where i can get a clip for a Gigabyte RZ mother board. Thanks

    Amd Athlon 64 3500+

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    It's not about the mobo model, but what socket your CPU is. Try calling ThermalTake and asking for clips... I work with them very often, since I retail their products, their help is very good.
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    Default Re: Thermaltake Big Water Help.

    btw, you have a K8 CPU.

    tell them you want K8 clips/mounts/whatever when you talk to them, they will tell you if you have it.

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    Thanks guys, Btw i found the clips except they come in a cpu waterblock package and it's $65 aus. lol ill need to save a bit i'm only 14 LOL

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