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Thread: How to Optimize Windows 7

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    Default Re: How to Optimize Windows 7

    I forget if it's the shortcut or the actual .exe, but you can right click>properties>check 'run as admin'. Just do that for each frequently used program and you're set. Or you can disable UAC completely, but it sounds like you don't want to do that.
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    Default Re: How to Optimize Windows 7

    i know win xp had a little check box that said "do this everytime". i haven't seen that with win 7 though.

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    Default Re: How to Optimize Windows 7

    Well, yes and no. XP has that checkbox for some things, but XP does not have UAC.
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    Quote Originally Posted by x88x View Post
    Nice, I actually didn't know about some of these.

    One thing I would add; if you have 8GB+ of RAM, disabling Virtual memory will give you a slight boost. You almost never would have hit it, and this saves Windows having to manage it.
    Some games specifically use the page file and can introduce crashes into the game with the page file disabled.

    Battleground Europe being one of them. : P

    You can also free up 10's and 10's of GB (50GB on a 1TB drive) by lowering the amount of space allocated for system restore.

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    Default Re: How to Optimize Windows 7

    Disabling the search index doesn't just free up the 10-20% of your HDD space it normally eats ... it'll stop the drives from constantly spinning. Less heat in your box, less battery drain in your lap, good either way.
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