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    Default Tools Of The Trade

    I have done a few things here and there but always had to borrow beg and sometimes steal (shh meltd0wn) lol to get the tools i need.

    But thanks to the aussie government i am getting a tool allowance this year. I wont be able to afford large bench tools but smaller stuff like a dremel (i know a must have) but what else i am going to have a crack at doing new molex conectors and basically a kit for building and modding pcs.

    Guys help a nub out here.



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    well it really depends on what specifically you will be doing more often then not and how important it is. I would suggest most common tools that I would want would be: a dremmel, scroll saw or atleast a jigsaw if you kan't grab one, also maybe an airbrush kit if you fancy yourself to be a good artist, maybe a drill with hole saw attachments. Also i would suggest if you are continuously modding something you might just wanna stock up on some supplies. anyways these will most definately change once we find out what y ou do most alrighty?

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