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Thread: Childhood Memories

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    Default Re: Childhood Memories

    I remember taking the stabalisers off my bike for the first time and riding round in circles in our tiny garden.

    I also remember "playing" with my toy cars, the little metal ones, and by playing, i mean crushing them with bricks.

    Oh, i also remember the time i kicked a football at a bush hanging over our garden wall and it having a wasps nest inside, and getting stung on the neck.

    Cant remember how old i was for any of these memories, but it must have been pretty young.

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    Default Re: Childhood Memories

    I don't remember much of my childhood, and I have difficulty separating actual memories from imagined things. :x

    The only things I can remember with any degree of accuracy was all the stupid things I did. >.<
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    Default Re: Childhood Memories

    I'm with John. I have an uncanny amount of memories from age 3 and 4.
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    Default Re: Childhood Memories

    Quote Originally Posted by Omega View Post
    One of the most vivid childhood memories I have is my dad convincing me the passenger seat in his car was an ejector seat and if I wasn't good when I sat in the front he'd eject me.

    It worked.




    I'm trying that on my kids.

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    Default Re: Childhood Memories

    Quote Originally Posted by HackSore View Post
    I remember taking the stabalisers off my bike for the first time
    lol, we called them training wheels.

    I can remember when I was two and I was in the hospital waiting so I could see my little brother.

    I can remember when I was 4 and I threw up all over the plane I was in.

    I can remember being about 5 and this little girl broke my crane that my babysitter had given me earlier that day!

    I can recall plenty of memories from early childhood. Some college kids who were studying something or another said it was abnormal from my age. (I wasn't really surprised )
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    Default Re: Childhood Memories

    I remember this whistle that goes off every day here in Baltimore at would scare the crap out of me, at the time i must have been 4 or 5

    I remember that somehow my mom, little brother and I did a road trip to Chicago from Baltimore in a Geo Metro, lol. How we all fit plus our stuff is beyond me, but then again im now only 5'5'' as an adult :-)

    Not too big on the mem dept other than that.
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