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Thread: Some help with wiring LEDs

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    Default Some help with wiring LEDs

    I am a major noob when it comes to wiring in electronics so thats why I'm here.

    I have 4 of these LEDs that I want to have powered by a molex connector with a on/off switch. With those LEDs what is the exact wiring I'll need?

    A diagram w/ all of the numbers would be greatly appreciated.


    Excuse me if I sound lazy but I would rather not take the time to learn in detail exactly how to do this as I will only be doing this a few times.

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    Default Re: Some help with wiring LEDs

    Here's the way it would work..
    You'll want to run those off of the 5v rail. According to you'll need 4 resistors at 100 ohms ea. You'll first splice in to the 5v rail and run that over to your toggle switch. Then, wire up your LED's to the toggle. I dont' have the ability to take screen shots/photoshop anything right now, hopefully someone will come along and draw up a diagram for you. It's really simple actually.

    Oh yeah.. for LED's, visit $7 shipped for a bag of 100 5mm LED's.

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    Default Re: Some help with wiring LEDs

    That is one wicked site Rick. Thanks for posting it.

    One other thing you might consider doing is after wiring in your resistors, cover em with heat shrink tubing and hit it with the hot air gun.

    Now, where'd I put my resistors?!?
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