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Thread: case options...

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    Default case options...

    I'm going to transfer my old hp to a new case. I was thinking about THIS one, cheap, looks decent. Does anybody have any pros or cons about this case or another case option. I would also like to see the raidmax astro complete.

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    Default Re: case options...

    Looks like a nice case to me, price is right too.
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    Default Re: case options...

    looks good to me too. if the 2 side 80's are too noisy just mod them to 120's.
    looks like there's room.

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    I have two 80's w/ leds I could slap in there also. 120's sound good two though, would I just cut a new hole?

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    Thats what it will look like completed, kinda liked it better with the brushed look...

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    Assuming you plan on taking the stamped fan grilles out of the back, it looks good. Strong enough, from what the reviews say, and decent airflow.
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    I'll definitively cut those out, they seem like they'll restrict airflow. which is better, a single 120 or two 80's?I'll also make the two sides an intake rather than exhaust. No other cases in that price range look that good.

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    My brother actually bought that case and ended up only haveing it for a couple weeks because the sides and top were flimsy. The top could be easily be pushed in.
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    Maybe its not such a good idea then...
    I'll be looking at more expensive(quality) cases now.

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    I like the soprano, but a little costly. The Sunbeam Silent Storm is also nice, but I don't know if I like the core fan.
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