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  1. Feature : Re: EPIC SPAM!-Geda VX690HD, the No.1 MP4 of the World Has Landed with a Strong Storm

    Thanks OvRiDe! I somehow missed this thread when it originally came around and didn't see it until after the images were lost. I just read the post and had a great chuckle. With all of the advanced...
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    Re: Malware on TBCS?

    No issues with Firefox 49.0.2 and McAfee 8.8.0 for me. That being said, it is McAfee so take it with a grain of salt.
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    Re: Ways of Cloning a Drive?


    Quite simply it is the Swiss Army knife of drive cloning. It works at a drive geometry level so it bypasses most of the issues Windows based tools have. It can be a little intimidating if...
  4. Re: Is AMD Abandoning Discrete Desktop Processors?

    I'm guessing that licensing and core counts play a factor in those areas, in addition to performance. If your cost is per CPU, AMD allows you to get a lot more cores if you have a multithreaded...
  5. Re: Where Are All the Permanent Technical Support Jobs?

    We don't have anything at the moment but it might be worth checking back occasionally as we're a few months away from opening a Canton, MA site.
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    Re: And We're Back!

    Agreed. Thanks to the admins for all their work getting things sorted out!
  7. Re: I/O Shield Question (Involving #50/300 VAlve Steam Machine and a 980Ti)

    What about 3D printing or laser cutting a replacement? 3D printing would allow you to replicate the backside protrusions but if I/O plate is a ground connection to the case you would lose that. Laser...
  8. Re: Looking for a new media player(Ipod suggestion not welcome)

    Just had a duh moment while reading your post. Don't know why I didn't think of it sooner but an FM modulator might be useful in your situation. They are usually a lot more reliable than FM...
  9. Re: Why do Video Games Not Have Cheat Codes Anymore?

    I think being able to look things up online is part of the reason for the lack of cheat codes in games. The other major part is that there seem to be a wider range of difficulty levels now than...
  10. Re: Looking for a new media player(Ipod suggestion not welcome)

    The nice thing about removable storage is that you can always upgrade later if needed. The prices on the higher capacity cards drop substantially every time they add larger ones to the lineup so I...
  11. Re: Why has Creative Labs Stopped Making .Mp3 players?

    That's a pretty comprehensive summary x88x. I used to be the guy that had great niche devices for music (Olympus M-robe anybody? No, didn't expect anyone NOT to have to search that) but now I use an...
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    Re: Arcade Token Cufflinks - Etsy

    Those are really neat! Don't know anyone who wears cufflinks though. Apparently, I've got the wrong friends :)
  13. Re: Looking for a new media player(Ipod suggestion not welcome)

    I use a Nokia Lumia 520 that I picked up from an Amazon Gold Box deal for $29. The 520 doesn't have a custom equalizer but pretty much all of the other Lumia phones do. The 630 can often be found on...
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    Re: Beginner airbrush

    This thread needs SgtM's expertise.
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    Re: Streaming to Twitch with a File Server/NAS

    Some of the best info on high drive capacity cases can be found on the forums of NAS distros such as unRaid, FreeNAS, and NAS4Free. Some of the machines people build on those sites are downright...
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    Re: Assorted mini-PCs (NUC etc) for sale

    If it weren't for the taxman... :(
  17. Re: 2015: the Year that Loading Screen Mini-Games (Hopefully) Return

    In my opinion, this patent would only really have been useful for console games where you can predict the duration of a loading screen with any accuracy. I've been replaying through Skyrim recently...
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    Re: Live long and prosper.

    Sad news indeed. May he rest in peace.
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    Re: How much PC is enough?

    That's a pretty nice chart to have. Looks a lot like the Excel spreadsheets I put together when doing builds (though I include pretty much everything you mention above). The one thing that it is...
  20. Re: So who's still around from the old days (pre 2010) ?

    :stupid: (The irony of this emoticon at the moment does not escape me :D)

    On a serious note though, I do agree with x88x and Airbozo. I have tried to join other sites and just never found them to...
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    Re: Trusted Platform Modules?

    Not sure if they are vendor specific or not but carries a bunch. I might be able to get you a better price than what's listed if you're interested; postage from me to you shouldn't be big deal...
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    Re: Making my own PC test bench

    Looks very functional. Maybe some handles at the sides in case you ever need to pick it up and move it?
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    Re: DDR4 questions

    I'll start with: DDR4 RAM is out of my depth.

    I can help you with the little tiny question in brackets at the end of the post though. The Tech Report decided to see when a bunch of consumer SSDs...
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    Re: Haswell-E time!

    Cool. I'll hit up a Canada Computers the next time I'm by one as I'm pretty sure they have the same mag. Unfortunately, I'm a long way from NCIX being in Ontario; I do miss their stores and it would...
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    Re: Haswell-E time!

    Short answer, probably yes.

    On any high end, modern system even a SATA 3 SSD will come up against the limits of the bus (600MBs). In terms of moving data around, having ~2x the drive bandwidth...
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