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  1. Feature : Re: What new hardware or gear are you interested in right now?

    I am looking for 4TB HD but not in situation.
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    Re: Video Card Issues

    I recently have this problem but fixed with latest video card drivers. So give it try.
  3. Re: Speakers for Full surround 5.1ch effects

    My pc have only 3.5mm sound connector so if i buy speakers as you told, are they compatible with it or not
  4. Re: Speakers for Full surround 5.1ch effects

    YES i want to use it mainly for playing movies from my HDD no online or server based.what are good sound card available that support surround speakers and what type of wire connection will it support...
  5. Re: It seems this is not a good time to buy real computers.

    I think we cant be up to date with technology.every few month new and new tech coming like you recently buy 1080p 3d moniter then say oh **** i have to buy 4k coz you heard about 4k.we wait till...
  6. Re: what's your favorite childhood computer game?

    Super mario bros i used to play when i was 12
  7. Re: Speakers for Full surround 5.1ch effects

    great reply but i dont get it
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    Re: RealPlayer Not Playing .Avi Files

    I think its codec problem or codec is missing try to download codec pack for it
  9. Speakers for Full surround 5.1ch effects

    Im planning to buy new speakers for Full surround 5.1ch effects.i want to take full advantage of DTS HDMA audio Movies and Music Videos.Following are my quires
    1 what kind of Sound card will be best...
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